Quality and Sustainability

UTi IMS Sustainability Program

UTi IMS seeks to preserve our planet for generations to come by working collaboratively with our clients, suppliers and associates to make sustainable and valuable supply chain services and solutions a reality without tradeoffs.

UTi IMS aims to identify solutions that make good sense economically, socially and environmentally and we encourage our suppliers to do the same.

Together we can make a difference!

The UTi IMS Commitment



UTi IMS is committed to Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility throughout the entire organization and we embrace UTi Wordwide’s Thinkgreen &  Delivering Better Lives programs. These programs serve as the basis for our sustainability program, guiding efforts that make good sense economically, socially and environmentally. We also strive to exceed our clients’ environmental sustainability and social stewardship goals.

We encourage each employee to be a responsible corporate citizen and to contribute positively to the environment and society.  We also recognize and celebrate employee volunteer efforts.




Environmental Sustainability



Paper Reduction

By storing data electronically and only printing as needed, IMS has reduced its paper consumption by nearly half.

Plastic Water Bottle Reduction

By utilizing reusable/refillable drinking cups, IMS has reduced our disposable plastic bottle consumption by half.


IMS recycled 49 pounds of aluminum cans in 2015 and donated the money received to a local charity.

IMS has recycled 58 office related electronics since 2013 rather than scrapping them.



Reducing Our Carbon Footprint



Each year, UTi IMS employees avoid releasing 88292 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere by working from home or using alternative modes of transportation.

2053 pounds of CO2 reduced per employee (yearly average) 




Social Responsibility



Volunteer Efforts

UTi IMS holds quarterly volunteer group events in local communities and encourages and supports employee involvement in their own community initiatives. In 2015, UTi IMS employees logged 306 community volunteer hours and donated $660 along with 2224 bottles of water.

UTi IMS participates in annual holiday gift, back-to-school supply and clothing drives to support local communities.


IMS Israel Good Deeds Day March 2016

Continuing our tradition, IMS reached out to "Kanaf Shel Ahava", a home and school that serves as a therapeutic framework for 20 marginalized teens. Working with the teens and staff, we spruced up the garden. Together, we built a bench from recycled materials and installed a hammock, creating a chill-out corner. The club room was refurbished with a coat of fresh paint, new couches and wall stickers. We took a break to enjoy the lunch that we prepared together with the home's lovely kitchen staff. At the end of the day we toured the farm and learned about the teens' rehabilitation process.










Tuesday, May 3, 2016