Outsourcing MRO finding a better way

It is quite seldom that books are being written on MRO. So when it comes with so much experience and knowledge and look at the horizon of Supply chain in general and MRO management in specific, I feel it is my duty to share and recommend it.

Outsourcing MRO finding a better way, is an important read for every manager involved with MRO management.

What I liked in the book was Mr. Krauter ability to describe precisely different events in a day to day MRO management. General challenges and cost reduction pressures not necessarily translated to the right decisions. It made me smile, reading descriptions of dialogues that I faced myself, sometime with the exact same words…

Then come the link to IMS, Mr. Krauter says: "Outsourcing of MRO to a third-party service provider is now emerging as a credible solution for organizations that would like to offer benefits beyond price reduction. Price savings alone can range from five to ten percent. Total ROI can reach twenty-five to thirty percent when measured on a TCO basis."

It is right!

And I would encourage whoever willing to save money on MRO read this before just throwing un reachable targets on parts price reduction. The MRO costs include so many additional elements, potential wastes and opportunities for savings and operation excellence. I see more and more companies looking for expertise in that field and willing to get support outside their organization to make real improvements to their operations.

The fact that the author approach and suggested plan, cross my professional passion and position as IMS Director, convince me that you are about to read on how MRO is going to be managed in future.

Enjoy and leverage your reading.

Yaron Ozer -IMS Director Global Sales and Marketing manager.


Thursday, August 25, 2016