Unique Methodology


Saving costs & Increasing Cash Flow

UTi IMS implementation saving costs from day 1

  • Increased free capital, reduced inventory financing cost
  • Reduced operational cost (transaction cost)
  • Reduced incremental “dead inventory”
  • Reduced unit cost-economies of scale, direct & alternate sourcing
  • Your purchasing team can add value on real commercial activity

360° Service

  • 24/7 service to production, procurement and engineering teams
  • An integral part of operations, dedicated to the client site
  • Cost-focused and transparent
  • Integrated simply within the pre-existing operation
  • Deep understanding of production requirements, engineering sensitivities and procurement constraints

Inventory Optimization & Advanced IT

  • "Practice makes perfect”
  • Over 1 Billion $ worth of inventory managed by the company since inception.
  • Developed various algorithms and support systems to ensure efficient inventory management
  • Worldwide activity enables us to balance inventory, shift inventory where needed, and support machine downs & shortage events
  • Advanced IT platform ensures high operational performance and accuracy


  • Our pricing is transparent
  • Only one charge
  • A flat percentage paid for each consumed part
  • Willingness to work in "open books" method
  • We represent you, and our cost-saving model ties our benefits to yours


  • We can serve you in any location, leveraging the worldwide reach of UTi
    • Working with 1 Currency
    • Local Procurement (vs. import/export)
  • Our methodology and services are appropriate for any industry
  • Full scope - no “cherry picking”