Avi Gilboa

Avi is short for Abraham, with a V instead of B to prove that no one's perfect. Born in 1958 in Lod, Israel and since 2007 I'm in Scottsdale, AZ. Since 1983 I've held a variety of managerial roles for multinational companies, all in the supply chain field. Half were on the client side as a logistics, procurement and materials manager for hi-tech companies, and half as a TPL services provider, first as a project manager and later as a VP of business development. We launched EMA in 2004 and I've been its CEO since inception.  When EMA was acquired by UTI Worldwide in 2010 I became president of the newly created UTI IMS subsidiary. It was like having a baby again, mostly for the lack of sleep, but also for the fun and sheer joy of being surprised every day.

I'm married to Jessica and a proud parent to Noa, Ido and Inbal. I'm a compulsive reader and the invention of the tablet saved me: I no longer have to haul books with me each flight and I'm never caught with nothing to read. I'm a less avid fan of movies and TV, but I will never say no to a good soccer game, especially if Man-U win it.

Samson Samson
Global VP, EMEA Regional Manager

My name is Samson Samson but everyone calls me Sam. I was born in India and currently live in the southern part of Israel with my wife and twins, Noam & Agam (a boy & a girl).

Most of my youth was spent in Jerusalem, where I graduated from Boyer High School. I hold a BA in accounting as well as economics, and an MA in corporate finance. I also hold two official certifications: CPA and Corporate Analyst (from Ben Gurion and Bar Ilan universities).

My career highlights include a role as the CFO in a dual-traded (TASE & NASDAQ) global pharmaceutical company for several years (including IPO), and a few years as the Deputy Managing Director in west Africa for one of the largest companies in the world. During this period, I had the pleasure to lecture at Ben Gurion University and other regional colleges (accounting, economy & finance). I encountered my students wherever I went, which made me very proud.

During 2007, I had the privilege to join IMS, which paved my return back to Israel after a few years abroad.

I used to run in official short distance running competitions and even hold 3 national medals. I also used to play soccer in the national league. Currently I enjoy watching Arsenal on the big screen and sometimes I daydream about jumping in to assist the team.

If you would like to watch a game or review any plays, I can be reached at [email protected].

Matt Ritchie
VP, America General Manager

Hello, my name is Matt Ritchie. I reside in the Phoenix, Arizona area, but am frequently on the road traveling. I attended a leading program in the USA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Supply Chain Management with a Minor in Communications.

My career has been isolated to the High Tech industry and, specifically, in materials management, purchasing, and operations.

I joined the IMS team in 2007 and enjoy the vigorous pursuit of client satisfaction as the way to reach my self-fulfillment.

I have somewhat of an addiction to sports for all AZ teams, and mostly for the ASU Sun Devils. I love golfing, wakeboarding and participating in most every sport.

If you would like to beat me in golf or shoot greater than 110, I can be reached at [email protected].

Yaron Ozer
Director, Global Sales and Marketing

My name is Yaron Ozer, and only in special circumstances do I let people call me by my last name… I am married and have 4 kids. We are living in a nice town in Israel called Gan Yavne.

My academic background includes a BSC in Economic and Management, as well as an MBA, both from Tel Aviv University in Israel.

After graduating, I started working at Intel in purchasing. I was part of this great company for 10 years and, during the last five years, I acted as a purchasing manager for Intel’s Israel Fabs. After Intel, I worked over two years in a private real estate company, managing operations and finance, and I spent a lot of time far from home. I was then lucky to be part of the Better Place adventure, which was a great experience that included many lessons, both personal and professional. It enabled me to grow and become a Global HR VP and a global purchasing manager reporting to the CEO. I still enjoy and am proud to drive an electric car.

I tracked IMS' growth over the years and proudly joined its management last year. I love its vision, the great spirit and the people working for this company.

During my free time, I love to run and have participated in three marathons. Summer trips with my family are also a great experience.

If you want to run together, set the distance and contact me. We can chat during it and cover any question or requests at [email protected].

Yaron Sarusi
Global IT & KM Manager

Let me introduce myself… My name is Yaron Sarusi. I live in a small town in the central part of Israel with my wife and my son Noam.

I studied computer, electrical & industrial engineering for 4 years and, during this period, also served as an officer in Israel’s high court of justice. You wouldn’t believe some of the stories I saw! (Books and movies will follow.)  ;-)

I interned in one of Israel’s largest technology companies as a system analyst, and upon the completion of my degrees, I started working as a manager in one of the most innovative aerospace companies in the world. After several years, I left to pursue a career as a senior account manager with a global IT company, where I implemented, integrated and provided solutions to a wide range of companies… global, medium, high-tech, low-tech… you name it.

I joined UTi-IMS in 2009 and held several positions within the organization: Business Analyst, IT Manager, and Implementation Manager. I helped to build our operations in the east and, for the past 3 years, have had the pleasure of serving as the company's Global IT & Knowledge Manager, responsible for integrating the solutions we provide to our clients.

I've volunteered with people with disabilities  for 15 years and I hope to continue this for the next 50 years. Like almost any Israeli, I am a big fan of English soccer, and traveling to White Hart Lane, Stamford Bridge, and Old Trafford for the Christmas games has become a family tradition. I love to spend my vacations in the USA, Australia, South America and especially the small APAC islands (a great venue for scuba and sky diving) but I will always enjoy coming back to my own small “island“ of Israel.

If you would like to join me on one of my trips or spend some time with me in Israel, I can be reached at [email protected]

Lynn Ware
Global Quality Manager

Hello, my name is Lynn Ware.  I was born and raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, or what I commonly refer to as the tundra of the United States.  After convincing my husband to move to the desert, we now reside in the sunny valley of Phoenix, Arizona.

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a minor in Sales Management from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Throughout my career, I received several Quality Management and Employee Development certifications.  My work experience has been in quality management, quality systems design and organizational development in the personal care, pharmaceutical and electronics industries. I have a special interest in employee training and development, coaching, and building high-performance work teams who are empowered to achieve company goals.  In 2012, I joined UTi-IMS and very much enjoy being part of the opportunities and solutions that our unique business has to offer our clients.

I am a fitness fanatic and enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, and perfecting my marksmanship.  No one would expect that I’m as comfortable in the woods as I am in the office.  If you’re up for a hike in the mountains, please contact me at [email protected]

Gabby Shpirer
IT Manager

My name is Gabby Shpirer, happily married to Tania and love my 2 kids, Mia and Asa. I was born and live in Gedera which is a small town located 15 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea.I met Tania in Jerusalem where I graduated my Electronics Practical Engineering at the Ort Collage by the Hebrew University. I spent 7 years in the army working in telecommunication project development. A fun period which helped me to sculpture my personality.

After 20 years in the telecom market, were the last 7 years I served as a CEO at CivcomLTD, I was called to join IMS and share my knowledge and experience. I found an exciting team with an amazing business model, that is practically making a global change in the world of supply chain management.

I have strong passion for carpentry and hockey. I like the smell of wood and crazy about chasing the puck. I am an active player in the Israeli in line hockey national league, playing for Gedera Dragons which is an embedded part of my enlarged family. If you want to join us on Monday for an evening practice in the rink, I’m there [email protected]

Shai Itzchaky
Corporate Controller

Hi, my name is Shai Itzchaky. I was born and raised on Kibbutz Maanit in northern Israel. Currently I live with my wife and 3 kids in a small city in central Israel.

I hold a BA in economics and accounting, an MBA and I'm a certified public account.

After I graduated, I worked in the economics department in a success CPA practice. I was involved in several  interesting issues, including due diligence and value assessments for the largest company in Israel as well as their financial arrangements.

I had my first introduction to the supply chain and inventory management solution with IMS during 2008.

I hold a skipper license and hope one day to sail around the world. I am also a big fan of soccer and American football.

If you like to sail or come to watch a soccer game with me, you can reach me at [email protected]

Terence Lim
Director of Business Development and APAC General Manager.

Hello, my name is Terence Lim.

I grew up and reside in the garden city of Singapore.

I pursued my education in National University of Singapore and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

I am happily married with 2 kids.

I have assumed various management roles in Supply Chain with a few MNCs.

I joined IMS in 2015 and really like the team spirit and opportunity to grow.

I love racket games and recreational jogging. If you will like to join me, I can be reached at [email protected]